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Our company "Ritual-Transport" specializes in dealing expediently with transport of the deceased. We have been carrying out the transportation of the deceased to anywhere in Belarus and other countries of the CIS, and of course, to any part of Europe for more than 10 years.

We also deliver cargo 200 both by air and rail. We receive cargo 200 at Minsk airport and we are able to pick it up at other airports as well.

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Our services
Ritual Agent
Any funeral event will be organized qualitatively, with reverent attention to the deceased and his relatives.
Funeral arrangements
We will receive documents about the death, we will help determine the subject of the ritual, we will arrange the burial in the cemetery
Shipping 200
Passing all the necessary procedures, support and support, placing the coffin in the morgues of Minsk
Transportation of the bodies of the deceased
Hearse services and transportation of the deceased. Funeral transport rental.
Repatriation of the deceased to their Homeland, registration of all necessary documents and certificates "turnkey".
Provision of services for the cremation of the bodies of the deceased in the Minsk crematorium, support and registration of the necessary documents.
Carrying out the procedure of exhumation of the bodies of the deceased, the subsequent organization of the funeral.
International funeral services
We professionally deal with the repatriation of the bodies of our fellow citizens from abroad to the Republic of Belarus.
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Our advantages
Affordable price
Affordable price
We try to meet the budget, maintaining a high level of services.
Round-the-clock consultation
Round-the-clock consultation
To get instructions or an answer to your question, please contact us at any time.
Professionalism and efficiency
Professionalism and efficiency
We quickly organize all the stages of burial, from paperwork to commemorations.
Own car fleet
Own car fleet
We will provide the necessary number of cars and buses at the agreed time.

Transport of the deceased is a complex process. And within this process, the question of choosing the appropriate vehicle must be solved to ensure the residing of accompanying persons both to the motherland and burial site, to consider and organize stage by stage, also all requirements of the legislation should be taken into consideration and every move should be confirmed by documents. The choice of vehicle is important in this conjunction. After all, the number of accompanying persons, the distance of the route to the burial site and many other factors impact on it.

Why people choose our company?

The concept of success of the company “Ritual-Transport” in the sphere of ceremonial services:

1. We comply with the law of the Republic of Belarus, the CIS and Europe.
– The Law of the Republic of Belarus of November 12, 2001 № 55-3 On Burial and the Funeral Business was adopted by the House of Representatives on October 17, 2001, and was approved by the Council of the Republic of Belarus on October 25, 2001.

2. We professionally solve the issues entrusted to us:
– Our vehicle fleet is constantly updated and is maintained in good order for long-distance route;
– The competencies of our drivers are constantly improved through continuous training.
– A team of experts provides a wide range of services on transporting cargo 200.

3. We deliver cargo 200 to the burial site and handle all matters rapidly.
– Providing of transport to the morgues in Minsk and Minsk region on time.
– Location of parking areas for ritual vehicle of various categories in Minsk and the capital’s outskirts.

A List of services provided by Ritual-Transport:

  • Compliance with the requirements of storage of the corpses in the morgue, thereby ensuring their safety during transportation to the burial site;
  • Preparation of the deceased for extended transportation throughout Russia, the CIS and the world.
  • Gathering of required documents for transportation of the deceased.
  • Appeal to the Consulate and Embassies if handling additional questions regarding transportation is required.
  • Assistance in the translation of documents according to the receiving or sending parties.
  • Assistance in choosing ritual emblems through professional advice.
  • Organization of receiving / delivery cargo 200 to anywhere in the Republic of Belarus.
  • Organization of receiving / delivery the funeral urns to Belarus and other countries of the world.
  • Documentary support of all stages of transportation and further burial.
  • Attending to the funeral ceremony taking into account all the requirements of the law and religion.
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