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Loaders for the funerals

In Minsk and Minsk region

Ordering loaders for the funerals

Грузчики на похороны Минск, Беларусь. Услуги ритуальных грузчиков.


In Slavic traditions, there is an opinion that relatives cannot carry the coffin with the deceased since long time ago. And as a rule, invited guests are reluctant to participate as loaders in the procession. Moving attributes for the funeral ceremony also requires additional effort.

Taking into the consideration all these features, we offer our services of loaders. Now, the last minutes with your loved ones will not be burdened by extraneous troubles.


Our loaders repeatedly coped with the task assigned to them. The experience gained day by day allows them to allocate resources properly. It is also easy for them to take into account the technical characteristics of the room for the removal of the coffin, placing it on the vehicle board. Loaders will carry the coffin to the burial sites and the reading of the burial prayers. Indeed, for carrying out these actions, not always the force contributes to the smooth flow of the process, experience, skills and technological literacy play an important role.


Service Features


We work in Minsk and throughout the region. We guarantee a professional funeral ceremony by providing experienced loaders:

• Knowing all the features of moving the coffin, our guys will provide the opportunity to conduct the deceased on the last way without any concerns;

• We work on the qualifications of our staff, focusing on their preparation for different conditions of burial;

• Our experts know how to find a way from of all unusual situations.

The opportunity for ritual loaders to participate in your loved one's funeral procession is just an additional chance to ease your grief. We are ready to reduce bothers in such tough days for you by the hands of professionals.





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Грузчики на похороны Минск, Беларусь. Услуги ритуальных грузчиков.