Transportation to the morgue

Transportation of the deceased to the morgue

Transportation of the deceased


Ritual Transport provides transportation of the dead. According to the Order of the Department of Health No. 354 dated 04/28/2012, we professionally transport the deceased to all the morgues in Minsk, starting our work from the moment of the death of the deceased. Transportation is carried out on pathoanatomical or forensic medicine transport (based on the established causes of death).


24-hour telephone number for your calls is +375 (29) 104 98 28


The algorithm of actions, if the death occurred during working hours at home:

- Call 103 to call a doctor who confirms the death;

- Call 102 to report the fact of death and call the duty officer, he, in turn, will draw up a protocol.

- Making a call on +375 (29) 104 98 28 to call a ritual agent.

- The agent will call specialized vehicles for transporting the body to the morgue in Minsk.

- Discuss all nuances of the contract with a specialized company for organizing funeral services and sign documents.



Attention! A medical examination of death is being prepared by the doctors of the pathological or forensic departments, as well as the doctor of the clinic at the place of residence, depending on the situation.


The algorithm of actions, if the death occurred during on weekends and holidays at home:

-- Call to the ambulance. Doctors confirm the death of the deceased at the time of arrival in hospital.

- Call to the police. There are no features here. Call 102 to report the fact of death and call the duty officer, he, in turn, will draw up a protocol.

- Call +375 (29) 104 98 28. The ritual agent of the specialized service will arrive to you as soon as possible.

- An agent of a specialized service calls a vehicle to transport the body to the morgue.

- All the nuances of cooperation with a specialized service are spoken out and service provision agreement is signed.


The algorithm of actions, if the death occurred in hospital:

In this case, the body, who was under treatment or under the care at heavy forms of disease is transferred to the local morgue. In the absence of pathological rooms, the body is transferred to the on-duty morgue.

The same applies to the death in private medical institutions, such as a guest house, palliative care center, hospice. These institutions also take into account the distribution scheme of the transportation of the deceased to the morgue.

 In these cases of death, a specialized service will also help you:

- By calling a ritual agent and making service provision agreement, you get a reliable partner in the preparation of documents. This is a medical certificate of death, and a certificate to the MFC of district with official confirmation, and a certificate for the further receipt of the burial allowance.

- The ritual agent organizes the burial in the cemetery by booking a site, or by ensuring the burial near relatives. Or, at your choice, the ritual agent organizes the cremation of the deceased and his subsequent burial in a specialized urn.


Attention! As for Minsk, local authorities provide free burial sites, which is dictated by law only at the Western cemetery. If you select these cemeteries, the fee will be charged only for digging the grave.


There is the list of documents for burial or cremation of the deceased:

- Medical confirmation of death by a doctor arriving at the place (ambulance - tel. 103)

- The protocol of inspection of the body on duty officer (tel. 102), certified according to the requirements of the law.

“A medical certificate from the morgue.”

- The death certificate received at the registry office, certified in accordance with the requirements of the law.



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