Zinc coffins

For transportation of the deceased across the border of Belarus, and to neighboring countries, a zinc coffin is needed

Zinc coffins


Zinc coffin ranges from 320 BYN (till 210 cm)









A zinc coffin is required to transport the deceased across the border of the Republic of Belarus to nearby countries such as Ukraine and European countries. Having zinc coffin is also mandatory for the transportation of cargo 200 by train. Only dishonest carriers can deviate from these law requirements without using ritual transport.


What does it look like? This is a container for special purposes, a high degree of tightness allows its using for transportation of the deceased over long distances. Types: for transportation by road and by air. The difference between these types relates to sealing methods. A silicone compound is used in land carriage; and during the air transportation the edges are soldered with tin. When you make an order, we will always advise what type of coffin is the most suitable for particular mean of transportation, otherwise, trying to save money, you can get into a difficult situation.


Zinc coffin has good technical characteristics for mandatory sealing, low weight contributes to ease of lading and further transportation. Sealing a zinc coffin guarantees high-quality keeping of the body due to a decrease in the rate of decomposition. Based on everything that has gone before, this coffin is optimal for transporting the body both over long distances and during the summer season.


All characteristics of a zinc coffin, especially its tightness, make the transportation process less damaging to the body. Even after a long carriage the coffin can be opened without fear of damage to the cargo 200.


We draw your attention to the fact that having a zinc coffin is a mandatory legal requirement for the transportation of cargo 200 by air and train. This requirement is also dictated by law, if you cross the border with Moldova, Ukraine, as well as European countries.

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